"preparing for restoration":

beth rapha's annual fast 2021



“Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly.” 

Please join us for a time of Prayer & Fasting beginning Monday, Jan. 3 –Fri. Jan. 7. The Theme is: “Preparing for Restoration.” Joel 2:15-18. We will fast each day until 3pm (1 meal) and come together each night for a brief

Exhortation & Prayer at 8pm. We will use Fellowship Link, so please email brzoom@bethrapha.org to join us.

The speakers are as follows:

  • Mon. Jan. 3 - Pastor George Hyman, Jr.- "The Time is Now! Blow the Trumpet!”
  • Tues. Jan. 4 - Pastor Diane Singho- “Gather the Remnant!”
  • Wed. Jan. 5 - Pastor Angel Hush- “Command the Leaders to Intercession!”
  • Thurs. Jan. 6 - Pastor Trish McLeod- “O Lord, Please Shut the Mouths of the Heathen!”
  • Fri. Jan. 7 - Pastor Brian McKenzie, Sr.- “God Will Restore His People!”

Click below to download fasting instructions.