new Ways to give

Great News! Beth Rapha has two new ways for you to sow into the ministry.

  • Zelle

    You can use Zelle by following these steps: 

    1. The email to use for Zelle is 
    2. Put in the note section where to designate the funds (i.e. Tithes, General Offering, Building Fund, i.e., Carpet, Building Fund Land, WordAlive). 
    3. Funds go directly into the Church’s Zelle account.
    4. A receipt will be sent to of all contribution using Zelle.
  • Elexio Text Pay

    1.  Save Elexio Text Pay's number in your contact list - 845-482-0552.

    2. As if you are texting, hit any key (A= Anniversary) or spell out Anniversary and press enter.

    3. You will receive a message saying, "You're almost finished!  Visit to complete your gift to Beth Rapha Church.  Tap on this link.

    4.  You will see:  Beth Rapha - Give Now. Sign in.

    • Under Give Now  - Sign in and you will see My Donations - One-time       Recurring
    • Under One-time  - Recurring, you will see a box with a drop down arrow - Tap the drop down arrow.
    • Under the down arrow, you will see:  General offering, Tithes, Building Fund, Building Fund Land, Anniversary, Founder's Celebrations, WordAlive, Benevolence, Phillips Scholarship Fund & Pledge.  Make your selection.
    • Once you've tapped your designated fund (Anniversary, etc.), put in your contribution amount.  If you desire to give additional offerings (Tithes, Founder's, Building Fund, etc.). go to Step #5.

    5.  For additional giving, tap the box with the plus sign; which says, Add Donation and repeat the process of designated funds by tapping on the drop down arrow in the fund box.

    6.  Once you have completed your selections of designated funds, tap submit and follow the instructions from there.

    7.  You will receive and email and it goes directly into your Elexio profile and creates a profile for all who are using this method of contributing funds.

    8.  For clarification purposes, once the initial setup has been done and the donor desires to use Text Pay in the future, all they have to do is type the keyword letter of the designated area they want their funds to go.  For instance, if they want to give tithes, they would only have to type the letter "T" and it will send them directly to tithes.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and generosity!

    Questions? Email for additional instructions.