Beth Rapha Family and Friends, please mark your calendars for our annual Men’s Revival commencing on Sunday evening, September 24-29. The theme for this year is “Men Strengthening Men” (Acts 15:30-35.). All Services during the week will be held on Zoom using our Fellowship Link. Prayer will begin at 7pm and Service at 8:00pm. The Speakers are as follows: 

- Sun Evening Sept. 24 at our (6:30pm Fellowship Service) - Pastor Lenny Harvey, Charity Cathedral, Bronx NY. UPDATE: This service will be held on our Zoom Fellowship Link.

- Mon. Sept. 25 - Rev. Josh Thomas | Min. Kory McBride

- Tues. Sept. 26 - Rev. Emlin JN Noel | Min. Mark Stephenson

- Wed. Sept. 27 - Rev. Stephen Locke, Sr. | Rev. Conrad Marshall, Jr. 

- Thurs. Sept. 28 - Rev. Willie Littles | Min. Dwayne Hunter

- Fri. Sept. 29 - Pastor Brian McKenzie, Sr.