Overseer Robyn C. Edwards is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at The International Gathering at Beth Rapha in Pomona, N.Y. She was born and reared in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. where she emerged from a rich musical and ministerial heritage. Overseer Edwards is a biblical counselor by gifting and has helped many people learn how to respond to trials and adversities in a biblical way. She holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree from the Vision International University in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. and has received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Biblical Counseling from the Beth Rapha Christian College and Theological Seminary, Inc., where she serves as the Dean of the School Biblical Counseling. Overseer Edwards is a new author of her first book, "Developing God’s Leaders" published by Brightlight Publishers Inc., founded by Bishop Jacqueline E. McCullough.



Pastor George E. Hyman Jr. currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Operation at the International Gathering at Beth Rapha in Pomona, N.Y.  In this role, Pastor Hyman serves on the Board of Trustees, Oversees and administers church operations, logistics, and planning. Formerly, Pastor G. served for ten years in a similar capacity as the Business Manager for Daughters of Rizpah, Inc., the evangelistic ministry of Bishop Jacqueline E. McCullough. Pastor Hyman discovered his musical talents at a very young age; he plays the piano, keyboard and bass instruments. He is a prolific songwriter, producer, teacher, mentor and spiritual counselor. He is married to Narisa Hyman and they are parents of three children. 



Associate Pastor Cleveland Taylor (Pastor Cleve) is a founding member of The International Gathering at Beth Rapha in Pomona, N.Y. He spearheads and oversees outreach. His efforts are felt locally and globally as he preaches and teaches the Word of God. Pastor Cleave was born and reared in Jamaica, West Indies, where he began his walk with the Lord at the age of seventeen. By trade, he is a registered nurse with more than twenty year's experience.  As the head of outreach, Pastor Cleve directs operations for the WordAlive Medical Mission, which has served over 30,000 Jamaicans and Liberians. Pastor Cleave has been married for forty-five years to his lovely wife, the Rev. Margaret Taylor, who partners with him in ministry. The Taylors are the proud parents of one daughter and three grandsons.